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is what a politico is. healthcare continues to be a big debate in congress and we saw multiple attempts last night from republicans to repeal parts or all of the healthcare law. it's a debate still being had. we talk about the constitution. we had a ruling on it. the democrats are riding high a little than knowing that the courts ruled in their favor. but it's not stopping anyone from making the argument they think it's unconstitutional and it should go ahey. host: you mentioned what was passed this morning is a non-binding resolution was passed in the house. if they are non-binding what is the point? guest: it's still a way to know where a lot of members stand. when the carbon tax amended or want to create one failed, republicans cheered. it was a good sign that maybe the president's climate change policy isn't going to do well. it's elections. it's writing campaign ads because they can go back and say they voted this way on this, this and this. host: we're talking with ginger gibson, she's a congressional reporter with politico. she covered newt gingrich and mitt romney during the 201
accurately, the electronic healthcare record with an unacceptably high rate of trauma. mr. chairman, i want to thank you for focusing on this. thank you. >> thank you. the senator indicated earlier, if we knew the magical answer to mental illness, this country and this world would have solved the problem ages ago. but there is no easy answer. what i am hearing from all of you is that in a sense we have to think outside the box. understanding that something as simple as an unpleasant person at a desk or a weight for two hours or a missed appointment can mean life and death for someone who is struggling to stay alive, to keep themselves together. one hour to wait? who cares. but that is the reality for people who are struggling. thatave all indicated pierce supported efforts of veterans talking to veterans is enormously important. but occasionally we have to go outside the box. is alike and different individuals will respond to different approaches. let me just start off with you, doctor. , which asf how the va -- how do we enable them to become more flexible and find these community-based pe
governmentand the old one-size-fits-all bureaucracy. better education. better healthcare. better opportunities. there are americans who still need jobs. families who deserve more take home pay. students who must have great schools. supportof them democrats simply because we haven't done a good enough job offering them our alternative. towns,n't been in their their cities, their neighborhoods. but we're going to be. however, the rnc can't do it alone. so i ask my fellow republicans to think about what you can doand commit to building our party together. and to anyone listening online, i want to hear from you. join me in a twitter q-and-a this afternoon at 1 p. m. eastern. just tweet @reince with the hashtag "opportunity." to those who have left the party, let me say this, we want to earn your trust again. to those who have yet to join us, we welcome youwith open arms. there's more that unites us than you know. my job is to make that clear. thethat's the purpose of plans i've announced today. with that, i'm now happy to questions from all of you here. no hashtag required. >> is seeking out the t
more jobs for the american people and lower energy prices. " means morebamacare jobs and lower health-care costs. and protecting and strengthening medicare means a more secure retirement for older americans. cutting waste means more fairness for hard-working taxpayers cricket in the 1990's, clinton worked with a republican congress to grow the economy and restrain spending. result7 agreement unnamed much faster balanced budget than anybody anticipated. balancing the budget was a major accomplishment for republicans and part of president clinton's legacy. i would hope that president obama would learn from that. the american people support balancing our budgets, and the budgets that democrats are considering never balances, ever. that means more debt, fewer jobs, and much higher taxes from the american people. we hope the president will change his mind and submit a plan that balances the budget. let's be clear, democrats in this town who reject the goal of balancing the budget are out of step. the american people know you cannot continue to spend money you do not have. i did not come here fo
, we might see today drone strikes against u.s. citizens, taxes, repealing healthcare -- they might all come up, but it is adding to a nonbinding budget resolution, so it is interesting and it might give people clues. host: a headline in your sayscation, "the hill," the senate is poised to pass a budget. guest: i think democrats will control the process and get it passed. .hey have a small window they can afford five democrats to not vote for it and still pass it, and in that case you would need vice president joe biden to break the time. -- the thai. .- tie there is pent-up frustration on the republican side about no real budget debate over four years. once it is passed, a lot of people will feel better. democrats will say we passed a budget, republicans get to complain about the budget month but from there it is hard to see how the senate budget reconciles with the house budget. we are not aware that there will be an effort to bring them together and it is hard to imagine how they will marry them because they move in opposite directions. host: what happens after congress comes back fr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5